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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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    How long will my new hair system last?

    It’s impossible to say accurately how long your hair system will last. It depends on many factors, including how you care for your hair system, whether you have a lace or skin base (lace bases will generally last longer), if you wear your hair system to bed, how often you shampoo, etc. If you are rough on your hair system, it may last only 3 months or so. Some people get 8 months or even a year’s worth of wear from their hair system.

    Some factors that can shorten your hair system’s lifespan are: Wearing it to bed, treating it roughly, brushing it too hard or too often, brushing it when wet, using harsh shampoo, shampooing it too often, allowing gels, pomades and other products to build up, dirty environments, chlorinated swimming pools.

    What can I do to make my hair system last as long as possible?

    Shampoo twice a week at most. Avoid hot water, blow dryers and shampoos with harsh detergents. Use a satin pillowcase to minimize friction if you wear your hair system to bed. Don’t overdo hair products and avoid products that contain alcohol, especially hairspray. Condition your hair every time you shampoo.

    When hair starts falling out, do I need to get a new hair system?

    Hair systems do not last forever because the hair does not have our natural oils to protect it. I can have hair added to your current hair system, but I don’t recommend it. By the time your hair system hair has thinned noticeably, the hair is already drying out as well. In addition, the base may have begun to fray. By the time you pay for repairs and shipping, it really makes more sense to order a new unit. But if you just can’t bear to part with a favorite hair system, I can have hair added for a charge of $80.00 + shipping.

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    When will I receive my new hair system?

    In most cases, you will receive delivery within 6-8 weeks. It takes time to make a custom hair system the right way – your patience will be rewarded! Rush delivery is available for an extra charge and will reduce delivery time by about 14 days.

    If you have a “hair emergency”, you can order a stock hair system and receive it the next day (U.S. only).

    How can I get rid of my expensive hair club plan?

    If you like the convenience of receiving a new hair system on a regular basis, one of my Custom Hair Systems is sure to suit your needs. You will get a new system as often as you want, at about half the price you are paying now. Here are some real benefits:

    1. Your hair salon charges a lot of money to maintain your present hair system. They want to keep their methods a secret so that you’ll keep spending your money with them. For less than the price of two monthly visits to your salon, I can provide everything you will need for a year’s worth of cleaning, maintenance and attachments (with detailed, easy-to-follow instructions).

    2. You can have your hair cut by whomever you choose, without paying an inflated price.

    3. When your salon gives you a bad attachment, you are stuck with it for a month. By doing the job yourself, you can fix the problem immediately.

    4. Remember: Your hair contract was written for the salon’s benefit, not yours.

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    Who will cut my hair system for me?

    Many salons refuse to cut a hair system they didn’t sell. Others charge an exorbitant amount of money to do so. Some salons are glad to do the job even if they did not sell you the hair system. Expect to pay anywhere from $35 - $75.

    If you cannot find someone you trust to cut your hair system, try to find a women’s hairdresser who is experienced in cutting wigs and hair systems. Ask your wife, girlfriend or mother to check with the salon they use. Hairdressers know much more about hair cutting, styling and blending (very important!) than barbers do.

    Can you copy my existing unit exactly?

    You bet! Send it to us and we’ll be glad to have it duplicated exactly. You can even specify changes in base material, hair color, hair density, etc.

    Will the lace match my skin color?

    Our laces and skins are essentially transparent, allowing your natural skin tone to show through. Even if you tan during the summer, the base will remain invisible.

    What do I do with that strip of bare lace on my new hair system?

    All new lace systems have a strip of bare lace at the front that needs to be trimmed away.

    It is easy to trim that excess lace with a pair of sharp scissors, BUT – be sure to leave a 1/8” – ¼” strip of bare lace ahead of the actual hairline.

    Why? Having the bare lace in front means that if the lace starts to fray a bit, you will not lose hair at the hairline. When it is attached, that small strip of lace disappears against your skin.

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    Can I order a clip on unit?

    If you still have hair underneath the base area of your hair system, clip-on units are an option. You will need to increase the dimensions of your template base by at least 1/2" to allow attachment to your existing hair.

    A potential problem when using clips is Traction Alopecia, which can cause permanent hair loss due to tension on the hair for an extended period of time. You can avoid Traction Alopecia by alternating between two hair systems that have the clips located in different spots.

    Can I get a small partial hair system for the front only? Or for the crown?

    If your hair is thinning in a small area, I can have a ("partial") hair system made to fit only that area, in any shape you need. The design process is the same as for any other hair system, so you can either make a template or fill in your dimensions on the Order Form (see "Store").

    Do you offer full wigs for men and women?

    Yes, and they are beautiful products too! However if you have some remaining hair, especially around the back, I still recommend a hair system over a wig (or “full cap”) if at all possible. If your hair loss is extreme or patchy, I'd be glad to provide you with a full wig.

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