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Hats Off Hair Hats Off Hair Hats Off Hair Hats Off Hair
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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    About Us

    Who are we? I am a bald guy named Bob Markell. I own the company and obviously, Iím a customer too.

    But why? I was determined to offer hair-loss clients the finest hair replacement products at reasonable prices, while providing reliable and prompt service.

    A bit of hair system history: Until now, hair systems have been made and styled just as they were in the 1930ís and 40ís. In my own little ďhair system museumĒ, I have a 50-year-old custom-made hair system as well as custom units from the 1970ís and 1990ís. The design and materials are essentially identical on all three.

    Frustration sets in: I began my search by ordering samples from many factories, both large and small, all over the world. The results were always the same: inconsistent hair quality and poor quality control. Can't anybody fill orders correctly on a consistent basis?

    Furthermore: I needed to find a company that would work with me to create new and unique designs. Almost every company I contacted refused to do so. They wanted me to offer their own designs, regardless of the personal needs of my clients. This was not acceptable.

    The solution appears: I had almost given up hope when, after networking with associates on three continents (no exaggeration), I was introduced to the company I had been looking for. Their products are consistently excellent and their hair quality is clearly superior to any Iíve ever seen.

    Even better: Amazingly, this company did not have a distributor in the U.S. After months of correspondence, personal meetings and creating test samples, we reached an agreement to be their representative in the U.S.

    So what does this mean for you? It means that your beautiful new hair system will be made correctly, shipped promptly and will be backed with a 100% money-back guarantee. And isn't that what you always wanted?

    Our Mission: To prove ourselves worthy of the trust of our clients by providing the absolute best products and service in the hair replacement industry.

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