Here are descriptions of our tapes. They are listed in order of increasing strength.

Red Liner: This is an excellent tape for Poly Perimeters and ThinSkin bases. Many people attach the "Red" to the base and put a stronger tape on top of it to attach to the scalp. It is not a medical-grade adhesive

Non-Residue Tape: This is the original Non-Residue tape. It can be used for daily wear & removal, but can last 5 - 7 days for many people. It peels cleanly from lace & scalp and leaves no glue residue.

USA Tape: This new tape is stronger & thinner than Non-Residue tape. Use 99% alcohol or a Tape Release spray to prevent hairs from being pulled through to the underside of the base. Available in 3" wide and 6" wide "A" (hairline) contour.

Stick-It Tape: Here is another new tape. It is similar to USA, but is a bit stronger and has less shine.

NEW! Eagle Lace Tape: This is our newest tape. It is very similar to Walker No-Shine tape, but is less expensive. It is not quite as strong as No-Shine, but it peels off cleanly with no residue left on the base. Available in 3" wide strips.

Walker No-Shine Tape: This new tape has a very dull finish and is about the same strength as Blue Lace tape. Great for exposed hairlines.

Blue Lace Tape: This is the classic high-strength, long-term tape; some wearers get a 14 - 21 day attachment. Use Blue Lace tape only on lace bases; never on Poly or ThinSkin! It can get gummy if worn too long.

3-Mil Tape: This is really a liquid adhesive sealed inside peel-off paper backing. It provides a very strong hold, is very thin and has virtually no shine. It can be tricky to apply and requires alcohol or Tape Release to remove. It should only be used on lace.

Extenda-Bond Strips: This is the original "tape with holes". It comes in 12" long x 2" wide strips and can be cut to fit your perimeter or used as a full head bond. The manufacturer claims they will hold for 4 - 6 weeks, but 2 weeks is more realistic. You can also use it in tandem with liquid adhesive.

3m Transpore Tape: If you use liquid adhesive on Poly or ThinSkin, you know what a mess it is to clean up. Solve that problem by applying a strip of Transpore tape to the base and then applying the liquid adhesive on top of it. When you are ready to remove, simply peel the tape off (with the adhesive attached) and throw it away. This is a great product to use for an emergency repair if you accidentally tear your Poly or ThinSkin base.

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Extenda-Bond Strips (12 inches long x 2 inches wide)
Price: $3.00
Red Liner Tape (3" A Curve: 36 strips)
Price: $3.00
Red Liner Tape (3" C Curve: 36 strips)
Price: $3.00
Red Liner Tape (3" CC Curve: 36 strips)
Price: $3.00
Red Liner Tape (Roll: 3/4" x 12 yards)
Price: $8.00
Red Liner Tape (Roll: 3/4" x 36 yards)
Price: $22.00
Non-Residue Tape (3" A Curve: 40 strips)
Price: $4.50
Non-Residue Tape (3" C Curve: 40 strips)
Price: $4.50
Non-Residue Tape (3" CC Curve: 40 strips)
Price: $4.50
Non-Residue Tape (Roll: 3/4" x 36 yards)
Price: $25.00
Blue Lace Tape (3" A Curve: 36 strips)
Price: $4.50
Blue Lace Tape (3" C Curve: 36 strips)
Price: $4.50
Blue Lace Tape (3" CC Curve: 36 strips)
Price: $4.50
Duo-Tac Tape (3" A Curve: 36 strips)
Price: $7.00
Duo-Tac Tape (3" C Curve: 36 strips)
Price: $7.00
Duo-Tac Tape (3" CC Curve: 36 strips)
Price: $7.00
Duo-Tac Tape (5" A Curve: 24 strips)
Price: $12.00
Duo-Tac Tape (5" CC Curve: 24 strips)
Price: $12.00
USA Tape (3" A curve; 40 strips)
Price: $4.00
USA Tape (6" A curve; 40 strips)
Price: $10.00
USA Tape (3" C curve: 40 strips)
Price: $4.00
USA Tape (3" CC curve; 40 strips)
Price: $4.00
USA Tape (Roll:1" x 24 yards)
Price: $18.00
Stick-It Tape (3" A Curve; 40 strips)
Price: $4.00
Stick-It Tape (3" C Curve; 40 strips)
Price: $4.00
Stick-It Tape (3" CC Curve; 40 strips)
Price: $4.00
Walker No-Shine Tape (3" A Curve; 36 strips)
Price: $7.00
Walker No-Shine Tape (3" C Curve, 36 strips)
Price: $7.00
Walker No-Shine Tape (3" CC Curve: 36 strips)
Price: $7.00
3m Transpore Tape
1" x 108" Single-Sided Tape
Price: $3.00
eagle A.JPG
Eagle Tape (3" A curve; 40 strips)
Price: $5.00
eagle cc.JPG
Eagle Tape (3" CC curve; 40 strips)
Price: $5.00
eagle c.JPG
Eagle Tape (3" C curve; 40 strips)
Price: $5.00